Paradise Found

When my beloved friend moved from her house to a high rise apartment, I believe that she grieved for her garden. So I created this piece for her, and framed it as a window for the wall in her new home.

The birds are all prevalent, if not native to Florida: kingfisher, crane and egret. But it is the jacaranda tree that always enthralled me every spring in St. Petersburg. I was privileged to examine jacaranda blossoms up close, when I traveled to L. A. for my husband’s reunion at Cal Tech. The blossoms are so delicate, but imagine an effusion of them floating among stately trees, framed by sun-kissed sky!

One thought on “Paradise Found

  1. Your thoughtfulness and empathy touch me deeply. Paradise is what I felt in my house looking out at my garden through every window. Now my love of gardening is expanded to living in the sky with the birds. Your art helped set open my awareness of how I might feel connected with Paradise once again. And, your presence, through your art, brings more joy in the seeing of our birds. ☮️💕

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