Classic Contemplative


This is a drawing done on IPad Pro, with the Procreate app. Using electronic media simplifies the whole packing and transporting of materials to our weekly gathering at the cafe, for our Eugene Open Art Salon.

No, we didn’t have a live nude model in the cafe, lol! I copied and embellished an original sketch from another drawing session.


Herbal Manifesto

I created this for a fellow herbalist, using a lift/transfer technique, watercolor wash, and Chinese brush painting.

Culpeper was one of the first European herbalists. I have a delightful color-illustrated book of his quaint teachings, which has been updated to include modern uses of each herb.

The more I learn about herbs, the more I appreciate their beauty. I’ve discovered that there is medicine in just about every plant!


How About Them Apples

D6B393A2-8B83-469E-A138-EAD7AA3C5AC3This is a work in progress, initialized in a photo transfer workshop with Susan Detroy.

In my home-away-from-home in Sebastopol, California, apples, orchards parades featuring apples and apple festivals are a part of the city history and culture. I always loved the down-home, home-grown experience of this tradition, and I’m sad to witness it’s waning with the onset of wineries taking over in the region.

So I choose to honor the beauty, bear witness to the permaculture, and savor the sweetness of this tradition.